Change Management

Capital projects are, by nature, a constantly changing entity.  The ability to manage and predict this change can be a challenge for owners and contractors alike.  These changes can originate from several sources: owner change requests, regulatory updates, procurement modifications, price inflation, or schedule delays. Churchill is qualified to help owners navigate these events.

Churchill’s change management services are customized to fit the needs and goals of an owner. We utilize various tools and techniques, including comprehensive risk analysis, change order review, and cost management, to ensure that changes to project are efficiently implemented.

We specialize in providing comprehensive change management solutions for construction projects of all sizes, and our goal is to help organizations emerge stronger, more efficient, and better aligned with their goals and objectives.

How can Churchill help?

Churchill can provide advice and assistance to help control and reduce the costs of a construction related change event. We work with clients to understand the situation and then provide a range of services to minimize costs and protect the owner’s interests.

Our team of experts can determine if a change is within the scope of the original agreement, evaluate the impact of the change, and confirm if the cost of the change is based on the actual impact of the change. We will then review the change order request with the client, help get the change order issued and update project documents. Churchill performs these services with expertise and objectivity in conjunction with a risk-averse approach.