Cost Management for Technology Campus

Major Tech Company

LOCATION: Menlo Park, CA

PROJECT SIZE: Confidential

Client Need

On this ongoing engagement, the client is continuing its headquarter campus development which includes two office buildings, a parking structure, a public park, and associated projects. Initially, the client required assistance with cost management services, including procurement strategies for the various project scopes to be performed as well as management of all financial aspects of the projects from design development through final closeout. The projects have fast-track schedules, which include design development during construction that needs to be managed within budget and schedule and still meet the requirements of the end-user groups. The role of Churchill at this client evolved into also providing expert claims management/advice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Churchill Solution

The Churchill team aids and advises the client during the procurement stage of the projects that set the projects up for success. Additionally, the Churchill Team provides Cost Management services that include budget management, cash flow reporting, change management, accrual reporting, and payment application review for the duration of the project. The Churchill team works diligently with the general contractors to provide the owner with accurate project controls data to track the status of all financial tasks for the projects in order to enable effective and efficient decision making by the client.


The first of the projects were completed under budget and within the original schedule. Cost savings of at least $20m were realized by the efforts of the Churchill team. The remaining projects are scheduled to be closed out in late 2020 and are currently estimated to also finish under budget.